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Merchant Cash Advance with Lex Group

MCA’s can be messy and overly complicated, even though it’s supposed to be easier than applying at a bank! At Lex Group Funding we make sure that getting an MCA is quick, simple and painless

Perks of Funding with Lex Group

It's Personal

At Lex Group we give a customized hands-on experience that is centered around you, the merchant

It's All About You

Lex Group Funding is the Merchant Cash Advance that cares. When we work with you, we are dedicated to creating a funding solution tailored for you and your business.

Lower Rates

If you went through a broker you’d get higher rates, which means you’re paying more. By working with Lex Group directly, you’ll get lower rates, which saves you money

We're Fast

If you submit your application to us directly, you could get funded within the week!

Contact Us

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime!

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